tbtrichhhh asked:
"What's Jack Gilinskys middle name? I can't find it anywhere! Please help:)"


youtubersvinersbandssoccer asked:
"Are u the real Jack j?"

No Jack J here, I think you have the wrong blog.

damnashleeee asked:

I think you are talking about yourself :)

Will try and post some pics on here very soon. Enjoy reading your questions!

With everything that’s been going on lately, don’t forget that we are family. Family ALWAYS sticks together.

dallasmaddie asked:
"I just am inlove with your blog :) like no joke !!!! I love you and this blog k I am weird bye :)"

Thank you, I love you too :)

Wanted to know why I wasn’t getting any questions and then realized I never activated it.


Leave some questions in my inbox and I’ll answer them.